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18 Best Employee Benefits Software & Platforms in 2022


You found our list of the best employee benefits software.

Employee benefits software are programs that help employers select and administer benefits packages for organizations. Employees use these platforms to enroll in plans. This software typically provides information about different plan types, comparisons between plans, automated enrollment or re-enrollment capabilities, and regulatory compliance features.

These platforms administer employee benefits and perks and are a subset of HR software, like applicant tracking systems.

This post contains:

  • benefits enrollment software
  • benefits administration platforms
  • employee benefits providers

Plus more tools too.

List of employee benefits software

From all-in-one suites to specialty software, here is a list of the best software for healthcare, retirement, vacation, and other employee benefits.

1. Justworks

Justworks is a professional employer organization that handles HR functions for small businesses without extensive HR departments. Organizations can specify which benefit options to offer workers, and employees sign up for mandatory or voluntary benefits through the online portal. TeamBuilding is a client of Justworks, so I can attest that the platform is easy to use. Justworks clearly posts sign-up deadlines and sends enrollment reminder emails, which translates into a low-stress process for both the employee and employer.

Check out Justworks.

2. Zenefits

Zenefits is one of the most well-known benefits administration platforms. The software enables employers to search for and compare benefits plans for businesses, and allows employees to enroll directly through the online enrollment tools. Zenefits also provides a mobile app so that employees can access benefits information from anywhere. The program supplies organizations with valuable data that reveal insights about the benefit packages’ utilization and performance. The program’s automated administration functions save time and help to ensure ACA compliance, serving HR professionals well for record-keeping and audit purposes. Plus, the company’s accompanying HR and Payroll software platforms provide valuable functions like tax filing, performance management, and employee onboarding.

Check out Zenefits.

3. Gusto

Gusto does hiring and onboarding, time tracking, payroll, and employee benefits for small businesses looking for a one-stop solution. The program enables employers to custom build benefits packages for employees by choosing from health and financial benefits like health insurance or reimbursement plans, HSAs and FSAs, dental, vision, cash accounts and pay advances, a 401(k), or commuter benefits. The user-friendly platform also provides a support system of HR professionals and licensed advisors ready and able to answer questions.

Check out Gusto.

4. Rippling

Rippling is a payroll software that doubles as a benefits administration platform. The program allows employers to shop thousands of plans and compare between employee benefits providers, or seamlessly connect pre-existing coverage to the platform. Automated emails and invitations and an accelerated online enrollment platform are features worth mentioning. Like many other benefits platforms, Rippling also contains compliance tracking safeguards.

Check out Rippling.

5. ADP

ADP offers online benefits administration services that include tools, guidance, and support for employers and employees. The platform integrates with numerous systems, making it simple to add ADP into existing software suites. Plus, ADP also offers a mobile app for easy access. Data analytics tools and HR consultants help business leaders develop benefits administration strategies. Plus, benefits calculators and decision support tools help workers pick ideal plans.

Check out ADP.

6. League

League is a benefits enrollment software that focuses on employee experience. The program provides simplified information via snippets and surveys that help employees become knowledgeable healthcare consumers. Seemingly drawing inspiration from personal banking apps, the League app displays a handy dashboard that displays account amounts and details in an organized health profile. Plus, League drives engagement by rewarding healthy behavior with points and personalized content. Although the platform centers on employees, League aims to lower healthcare costs and improve efficiency for organizations too.

Check out League.

7. Benefitfocus

Benefitfocus is an extensive employee benefits platform designed to streamline the benefits administration process. The program hosts an extensive catalog of both unique and traditional benefits. These benefits range from standard health, dental, vision, and retirement plans to student loan assistance, critical illness support, car insurance, tax preparation, fitness services, and more. The mobile app facilitates a positive experience for employees. Data insights and employee communications help HR professionals shape and fulfill their benefits administration strategies.

Check out Benefitfocus.

8. Namely

Namely is one of the more extensive benefits enrollment platforms. By partnering with Cigna, Namely built the Namely Exchange, an online healthcare marketplace with many plans and packages. Benefits advisors answer questions and help employees navigate the options, steering individuals towards optimal offerings. Namely promises cost-saving billing and invoice reconciliation, smooth flow of data between individuals and carriers, and a streamlined, guided process with consistent communication. Also, Namely boasts modern benefits options such as student loan reimbursement, behavioral health support and parental leave in addition to more traditional offerings like healthcare and dental coverage.

Check out Namely.

9. Bswift

bswift is a benefits administration partner that combines technology and customer service into an outsourced benefits administration process. Prompting respondents via questions on an online platform, bswift gathers data to help inform the plan selection process. Then, the client team works to select solutions that suit a company’s current needs. Employees enroll through an online system, and customer representatives are available to assist or answer questions anytime. bswift couples the accuracy and convenience of technology with the reassurance and personalization of human elements, creating an experience that is both straightforward and responsive.

Check out bswift.

10. Ease

ase is one of the best benefits administration platforms for small businesses. Ease offers a digital enrollment process complete with a progress dashboard for admins, a mobile app with 24/7 access, broker support, and an EaseConnect system that facilitates seamless submission to carriers. The software is user-friendly and designed to reduce errors by advancing to the next step only after applicants enter all necessary information.

Check out Ease.

11. Employee Navigator

Employee Navigator is an all-in-one HR platform that includes benefits administration. The interface allows users to quickly navigate the platform, input data, and access the portal anytime. Administrators can add and track tasks for employees to ensure participation and compliance in programs. Continuous updates ensure software accuracy and adherence to shifting regulations. Analytics and reporting features provide valuable insights that help professionals create or adjust benefits strategies.

Check out Employee Navigator.

12. GoCo

GoCo combines benefits, payroll, and generalized tasks into one centralized HR database. Time-saving employee self-service tools include online enrollment and at-a-glance plan comparisons. Data synchronization ensures that changes get recorded and information stays up-to-date. Certified advisors and an online HR resource library provide further guidance.

Check out GoCo.

13. ScalePEO

ScalePEO is a professional employer organization that simplifies payroll, integrated benefits, compliance, and general HR responsibilities under the umbrella of one digital solution. The online system prompts employees with step-by-step enrollment instructions to ensure seamless signup, and the portal gives users instant access to plan information. The app breaks down costs for services so employees can quickly understand the expenses associated with plans.

Check out ScalePEO.

14. BambooHR

Bamboo HR is one of the most popular human resource tools. While not strictly an employee benefits platform, the software suite offers benefit tracking features such as custom package differentiation, schedulable dates for coverage changes, and records of healthcare package history. BambooHR also hosts an extensive PTO tracking program that helps professionals keep track of time off requests and approvals, as well as payroll and time tracking software. Because the BambooHR program suite has such varied functionality, it is a great option for HR professionals looking to streamline their software systems and gather as much administrative information as possible under one umbrella.

Check out BambooHR.

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