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Best IT Support Companies for Small Business

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When it comes to information technology (IT) services, many small business owners don’t know where to begin. You know using the right tech in the right way is a vital part of success in just about any modern business. What you might not know is exactly what your small business needs from an IT support service. This makes choosing an IT provider way more stressful than necessary.

BP’s Picks for Best IT Support Companies for Small Businesses

  • Best Overall: Sirius Computer Solutions
  • Best Budget-Friendly: Support.com
  • Best Computer Repair: Techs in a Sec
  • Best Network Security: ScienceSoft
  • Best Application Development: AllianceTek

You don’t have to waste your time wading deep into the waters of IT service specializations. You’ve got more important things to do. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you by ranking the best IT support companies for small businesses across five of the most important areas of information technology support.

How to Choose the Best IT Support Companies for Your Small Business Needs

The first thing small business owners need to know about IT support services is that different companies require different solutions. Just because you manage a small business doesn’t mean that your technology support needs are the same as every other small business.

On one end of the spectrum, your IT needs may be minimal, requiring only basic tech support help. Depending on your industry and the purpose of your business, you might have more extensive technical needs regarding security or software application development.

Many small business owners find that a good middle ground between help desk-only IT support and more extensive (and expensive) IT support services is a managed IT service. What managed IT services do is bundle the most common small business information technology needs into one support service—making these companies a sort of one-stop-shop for your company’s technology needs.

Some businesses have unique needs that require more focused expertise than a managed IT service or a help desk service has to offer. If your company routinely deals with sensitive data—like personal or medical information, credit card numbers, or Social Security numbers—then IT services that focus on network security might be paramount.

If your business relies heavily on the use of mobile apps or software platforms, you may need to hire a company capable of writing and bringing to life software applications tailored to fit your business model and structure.

The Challenges of Comparing IT Support Companies for Small Businesses

Comparing IT support companies requires a much more nuanced approach than picking out a computer or choosing firewall software or hardware. There aren’t so much pros and cons as there are different business IT services that meet different sets of business needs. The challenge is deciding what IT company best fits the needs of your small business.

Cost and value are also more complicated to compare among IT support services. You can compare general costs with the knowledge that basic help desk support tends to be the cheapest, followed by managed IT service subscriptions. More extensive and specialized IT support costs the most.

However, you won’t find simple price lists to compare. Getting IT support pricing for your small business is a more involved process. Before giving you a quote, IT support companies will usually want to ask questions to get a better understanding of your business’ size and tech support needs.

When to Hire Outsourced Business IT Services

For many small business owners, tech support only comes to mind when there’s a problem to troubleshoot. However, forward-thinking small businesses can get a lot out of focusing preemptively on business IT services.

While every small business owner occasionally has to spend time putting out fires, IT is more than just crisis control and tech support for wayward computer operations. It’s about identifying opportunities and implementing solutions that help your business thrive.

Investing in IT even when you don’t have technical problems can help you escape the cycle of waiting until your technology breaks and then having to rush to find a quick, but not necessarily comprehensive, fix. Strategic IT planning can put your business in a position to truly surpass its past performance and achieve ambitious new goals.

Best Overall: Sirius Computer Solutions

For most small businesses, managed IT services hit that sweet spot between too little tech support and too extensive IT support. There are plenty of business IT services out there that offer quality managed IT solutions, but one that consistently receives high ratings is Sirius Computer Solutions.

The Benefits of Managed IT Services

In managed IT services, you’re outsourcing the management of your entire technological infrastructure to one company that does a little bit of everything. Managed IT services subscriptions usually monitor your small business IT infrastructure to make sure everything is online, secure, and operating smoothly.

A managed IT support service may help provide routine data security and management services. These companies also manage your small business’ cloud computing infrastructure, hardware needs and upgrades, and other areas of your company’s IT.

Managed IT isn’t the right choice for every small business. Some small business owners have more extensive needs in certain specialized areas than you should expect to get from a typical managed services contract. Other companies with minimal technology needs and a shoestring budget to match would be better off paying for basic tech support only.

However, if there’s one type of business IT solutions that apply to most small businesses, it’s managed IT support services. For all but the smallest companies, exploring managed IT support services is a good place to start your search for the technological solutions you need.

What Sirius Managed Services Brings to Small Businesses

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean its IT needs are, too. Sirius Computer Solutions has upwards of 300 technical pros on staff, with more than 4,000 technical certifications between them. There’s bound to be a Sirius expert who can handle whatever challenge arises for your small business.

Sirius Computer Solutions offers managed services in all different categories of business IT services: general systems management, network and data security, infrastructure hardware, cloud computing and data storage, resiliency and disaster recovery, data infrastructure management, and more.

The company has one of the longest histories in the IT industry, having been founded as Star Data Systems in San Antonio, TX, in 1980. The company still has its headquarters there, along with locations across the United States. Sirius Computer Solutions currently serves more than 5,400 clients in all industries, from small businesses to huge corporate enterprises.

Although technology has changed a lot in the last 40 years, you don’t have to worry whether Sirius has kept pace. The company has consistently landed the coveted first-place spot on Channel Futures‘ rankings lists, topping the MSP 501 list for 2017, 2018, and 2019, and then ranking first in 2020’s new category, NextGen 101.

Best Budget-Friendly: Support.com

Having your company’s information technology needs handled by a professional can put a strain on a small business’s budget. Outsourcing IT support is often more affordable than hiring full-time in-house tech support employees, which is one reason why the practice has become popular with small to mid-sized businesses. However, you could still spend hundreds of dollars per month—per user—to get fully managed IT services from a third party.

If spending tens of thousands of dollars is out of the question, you need a budget-friendly help desk-only service like Support.com.

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