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Top 5 Grant Management Tools


Grants are growing more available to those who need them, which makes appropriately managing them incredibly valuable. Companies need to ensure that they have their stakeholder’s best interests in mind while also ensuring that they stick to their businesses’ vision.

1- Fundraising Tools

Recent years have been extremely kind to those looking to fundraise and get funds for projects and goals. Sites from Kickstarter, to CrowdRise, offer ways for your business to gain capital and funding. By heavily utilizing tools like these, you give your business a more significant chance to earn money for grants.

2- Shareable Calendar

Communication is critical. By using a shareable calendar, you can allow granters to see what you have planned. By being open with them on your goals, and your timeline, you gain good faith from them. This tool will also help your company stick to its guns and be able to stay close to a guideline.

Just be realistic with your goals, and make sure they’re able to be achieved within a reasonable timespan. If you come upon a goal that’s a little too lofty, be clear with people involved on how far back you’re going to be placing it, and why. People want to know that they’re not getting jerked around when it comes to money.

3- Tracking And Reporting Goals

Software for tracking your growth and goals can help your company view its progress. Not only will this allow people funding to see that you’re following through, but it can also give you a fantastic reference point to know if you’re on track.

Report every update, every change, every step forward, so that you’ll be able to show that this isn’t something that it’s gotten slung on the backburner.

4- Collaboration Tools

To hammer this point home: collaboration-based tools allow you to communicate and work with anyone in any place. This tool type helps if your company is a global online one since it will enable you to work with employees all over the world. It also helps to allow those who funded you to offer changes or anything they might see fit, with your permission. Keeping them happy, and keeping the funding is unfortunately very important.

5- Spending Documentation

Not documenting your spending can potentially get you in some hot water. Make sure everything gets recorded, from paying for ride services for clients to buying software and things for your office. These will also be important to have during tax season, so it’s a good practice to  Observe.

The primary goal of this documentation is to let your granters see that you’re using the money for the company itself.

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